Public relations success in a specialized space such as sports betting requires expertise and experience. 

Decades of Degeneracy

Sure, everyone has been to Vegas and placed a wager, but most have never been in the oddsmakers’ war room when Sunday night football lines are frantically finalized. Cool Media has.
With more than a decade of public relations, media relations and content creation experience in sports betting, Cool Media has separated itself from the competition. While the agency’s primary focus is mainstream media exposure for its clients, Cool Media can do it all when it comes to content production.
Where others have failed, Cool Media has picked up the PR pieces and provided complete satisfaction for its clients. There aren’t many companies that guarantee weekly media exposure, but Cool Media keeps a finger on the pulse and maintains a reputation for connecting with top sports media outlets.
Here are a few services the company offers:
Odds Consultancy
Content Creation
Digital Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Promotional Strategy
Media & Public Appearances
Radio, TV & Podcast Interviews

More Than Sports

While sports and sports betting are the Cool Media wheelhouse, the firm’s public relations abilities extend far beyond bats and balls. Offerings within the gambling industry have evolved immensely over the years and now include betting odds for sectors of society such as entertainment, politics, technology and finance. 
Cool Media has conceived prop bets surrounding President Donald Trump that were featured in prominent political websites. And never one to shy away from celebrity limelight, Cool Media creates betting odds for a host of popular television series, including Game of Thrones, American Idol, The Voice and Survivor.

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